「言葉での自己表現がずっと苦手だった」デザインや滑りで魅せるスケーターの成り立ち | “I’m Not Good With Words” How He Expresses Himself Through Designing And Skating

自己表現の方法は人それぞれである。一番身近なものとして “言葉” でコミュニケーションをとることが挙げられるが、それだけが全てではない。スケートはもちろんのこと、歌やダンス、写真や絵なども自分を表現できる方法となる。しかし、”言葉” というツールは、現代社会を生きるうえでマストとなっているのは事実であり、人との会話を得意としている人が優位な世の中になっているようにも見受けられる。新しい人との出会いや、ビジネスを発展させる際に会話のスキルは欠かせないが、口下手は個性としてとらえることもできるだろう。”言葉” を扱うのが苦手ならば、他の方法で表現すればいいのではないか。

There are many ways people express themselves. Communicating with “words” would probably be one, but there are more; such as singing, writing, dancing, painting, and of course skating. Some of you might be wondering what expressing yourself means. It is to let the world know who you are so that you can engage your energy with others. In modern society, “words” are seen as the best tool to communicate with, in order to meet new people, or to have a successful business. But, the world should be where not everybody needs to speak well because that is not the only best way to communicate with others.


For this article, this skater that is great at showing his thoughts by designing and skating talked about how he became who he is, and his own way to communicate with people.

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神戸のスケートシーン先駆者が手がける無添加バーガー | Pioneer of Skate Scene in Kobe Makes Healthy Burgers


Skaters basically live on the street: They skate, drink and get food from a convenience store.


Convenience store food is easy, cheap and decently good. But the worst part about it is that it’s not as healthy as most of you think. Those bento boxes, pastries and fried food are full of food additives; they are substances that are useful to preserve flavor, enhance taste. Not all of the kinds are promised to be safe because some may increase cancer risk, and have DNA damage. Consuming small amounts of food additives may not be a problem, but you should still avoid them because it is hard to detox out of your body in the long run.

体によくない食事といえば、ジャンクフードなども挙げられる。高カロリー、高脂質、高塩分であり、体に必要なビタミンやミネラルが不足しがちなことが問題である。そんなジャンクフードの代表でもあるハンバーガーを無添加でヘルシーに提供するスケーターを見つけた。今回は、神戸の街を生きてきたTsuyoshiさんと妻のMeikoさんが夫婦で営むバーガー屋、Wanto Burgerを紹介する。

Junk food is another unhealthy food that is high in calories with lesser nutritional value. But there is a skater who makes healthy burgers with no food additives. His name is Tsuyoshi, who runs a burger restaurant in Kobe with his wife, Meiko. For this article, he talked about the beginning of his skate life, and the homemade burgers he makes.

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「人口が多いほどカルチャーは生まれやすい」BMXから見るスケートの可能性 | What BMX Rider Thinks of Skateboarding


Skateboarding is a big trend in Japan since it has become a new Olympic sport. You’ll see skaters everywhere in the streets and at skate parks too. But it seems like the popularity of skating doesn’t have a huge effect on the street sport, BMX. It’s famous for more powerful performances with bigger sections, compared to skating. Buying a BMX isn’t so cheap, and most of the riders are men. For those reasons, it’s not an easy sport to get started. What do BMX riders think about the growth of the skate community in Japan?


For this article, a BMX rider, Raio, and his brother who skates, Raku talked about some similarities/differences between BMX and skating.

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