ストリートでも”飛ぶ鳥跡を濁さず”。みんなが環境問題について考えるべき理由とは | “Clean Up After You Skate” The Reasons Why We All Need To Care About The Environment


Japan is slowly becoming environment friendly: there are no more free plastic bags at stores, and more clean up volunteer groups. But People in other developed countries have a much better understanding of it. Littering trash and cigarette buts is often seen in skate scenes, and moreover many skaters seem to think they’re cool doing that. How can we get more people to care about the environment casually?


For this article, a skater, Yutaka who works at Patagonia and has his own clothing brand, talked about his ideas related to environmental issues.

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”頭蓋骨にヒビ、家賃滞納で強制退去、束縛女..” Chuulip代表のホームレス体験談 | “Skull Fracture, Eviction, Possessive Girlfriend..” The Story of Homeless Skater


There’s a saying that skaters don’t work a lot and they always struggle not having enough money. Although people usually tend to know how to get away from sleeping in the streets. You could ask your parents or friends if you’re about to get kicked out of your own place.. Skating is a street culture: But is truly loving the culture different from being homeless? There’s someone who does kick flips naked in the street where he used to call home.

現在はデッキブランド、Chuulip Skateboardsの代表としてデザインを手がけているShotaさんには、1年以上のホームレス経験がある。家もお金もない状況下で出したファーストデッキには、どんな思い入れがあるのか。

The head of Chuulip Skateboards, Shota was known as a homeless skater for quite a while. He made his first deck as a brand with no home and no money. How did he become homeless and make a deck brand?

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「100点満点のスケート/コーヒーなんてない」自分らしさを受け入れてこそ見える可能性 | “There Is No Perfect Skating or Coffee” The Reason Why You Should Accept Who You Are


You drink coffee. But how do you drink it? Some may buy a cup to work at a cafe, others might pay a little extra to enjoy the experience: there’s this kind of coffee called “Speciality Coffee”, it uses light roasted coffee beans and tastes sour like wine and tea. The deep roasted coffee beans used to be common since the world wars, but now since farming environment has improved, there is no need to over roast the coffee beans for good keeping. It is required for specialty coffee to be in great condition and consistency in all the process from the farm to serving. They see sustainability and traceability as important qualities that makes good and safe coffee to drink.


Those skilled roasters and baristas can attract unique customers who are looking for special coffee. It’s very interesting that the taste of coffee can change depending on who roasts or who makes it. From that perspective, it is similar to skating because the same tricks look different for each skater.


For this article, a coffee lover and skater, Naoto talked about what his favorite things have in common.

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